Selling Your Paper Currency

PMC Rare Coins is one of the country's strongest buyers of Numismatic material. We Buy it All (US and Foreign rare coins and rare paper currency). Our clients are constantly looking for more material to add to their collections. Having a strong customer base allows us to offer great prices for all your paper currency. We make it easy to turn your currency collection into cash. We offer free appraisals and grading services on your paper money! We provide a free, no-obligation appraisal on all paper currency collections. We can meet in one of our offices or travel to you. We also accept mail-in material for appraisal and purchase.

We Buy It All

  • Large Size United States Legal Tender Notes
  • Large Size United States Silver Certificates
  • Large Size United States Gold Certificates
  • Federal Reserve Notes
  • Original Series Nationals
  • First Charter Nationals
  • Brown Back Nationals
  • Colonial Paper Money
  • Continental Currency
  • Confederate Money
  • Obsolete Bank Notes
  • Error Bills
  • All Certified Currency (PMG, PCGS)
  • All World Currency
These are just some examples of the paper currency we buy, contact us today to learn more about selling your paper money.

Paper Money Values

The most important factors in valuing paper money are the type of note, series, condition and scarcity.

Type of Note
Basic Breakdown
  • Large Currency: 1862-1923
  • Small Size Currency: 1928-Present
Within the types of notes are series dates, signature combinations and sub-types for each denomination.

Paper notes are evaluated on condition and given a grade. Dealers base grades on a number scale from 1-70, with 70 being the highest grade. Each grade has terms for those grades, for example: Poor, About Good, Good, Very Good, Fine, Very Fine, Extremely Fine, About Uncirculated, Choice About Uncirculated, Crisp Uncirculated, Choice Uncirculated, Very Choice Uncirculated, Gem Uncirculated and Superb Gem Uncirculated.

One of the most important factors in determining the value of paper money is scarcity. A note that is easy to find will grade less valuable than a note more difficult to find.

If you are thinking of selling your rare paper money or currency, call PMC Rare Coins today to speak with one of our professional paper money buyers.



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